Our Goal

Our goal is to provide anyone with an interest in coding a place to hone their skills. Our meet ups will be a friendly and open environment where people of all skill levels can come and make meaningful progress towards their goals.

Our meet ups will be held in a hackathon style, where groups will work together to create a fun, new application each time.



Weather App

Together, we will build a working weather app using APIs that will tell you your local weather.

More to come...

Please check back with us to see what we have in store.

More to come...

Please check back with us to see what we have in store.

About Us

Photo of John Wolfe

John Wolfe

My programming career comes from humble beginnings in my 8th grade math class where I got in trouble for programming my calculator to perform quadratic equations for me. I moved on to programming Java applications in a high school AP Computer Science course. I even started my college career as an Information Management Systems major and Information Technology Minor. In the last two years of my college career, I took a 180 degree turn towards a Bachelor of Arts in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education. I traveled around the country leading outdoor trips with kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds in 6 different states. From dangerous river rapids to 1000+ foot cliffs, I’ve managed to see much of our beautiful country! No matter how many people's lives I’ve managed to impact for the positive, I still felt I wanted more.

It wasn’t until I met a fellow outdoorsman and passionate Web Developer that I knew I had to fulfill my passion for writing code. He filled my ears with stories of solving new and challenging puzzles at work every day! What could be better!?

Some people paint, play or write music, sing, or sculpt various works of art. I have code. It is my true passion to be able to create something new, inspiring, and useful from the ground up that has the potential to change people’s lives every single day.

Photo of Matt White

Matt White

What can I say, I've had a fascination with computers since I could walk and talk. I've known my whole life that a career in technology would bring me a sense of fulfillment. However, up until now, the gulf between my passion and a career seemed insurmountable. I felt that, since I did not have the traditional CS degree, I would never truly be qualified to work in this field.

The Coding Bootcamp at UNCC has been an eye opening experience for me, to say the least. It has shown me that I am more than capable of tackling the problems that programmars face on a day to day basis, and my knowledge has grown exponentially in a relatively short time. Gaining the ability to take my ideas and bring them to life is the single most empowering feeling I have experienced.

I can't wait to make this my career, and do work that will not only be personally fulfilling, but also helpful to those around me.


Host Location: Cardinal Solutions Group

Address: 222 S Church St #500, Charlotte, NC 28202

Special thanks to Bermon Painter for letting us host the Meetup and Cardinal!

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